Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Lost Link Found

In the aftermath of his death, I attempted to contact everyone I found listed among his effects. One contact I could not find was for his sister. Last month she contacted me, having tracked me down through the Albuquerque Office of the Medical Examiner. She has just established an online memorial site. It is at

I encourage you to give it a visit.

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  1. We have been searching for Craig for years. He graduated from Tallmadge High School in Tallmadge Ohio in 1970. Wish we had Internet resources before this.

    He had a girlfriend by the name of Sue Nickerson who we are also searching for.

    Jay Reynolds said Craig was his best friend and he tried to find him many times. I will let him know.

    He was a likable funny guy. The one memory I have of Craig is of him explaining to me how to shape my fingernails. We were sitting at a table in the school library.